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Turbine plant was laid in Rybinsk


Representatives of General Electric corporation, INTER RAO UES Group and Rostech state corporation in East industrial zone of Rybinsk laid the first stone in the foundation of the plant in production of Gas Turbine units under the joint venture “Russian Gas Turbines” LLC.

According to the Government of the region, the scheduled date of putting the plant into operation is the second quarter 2014. The enterprise will manufacture, sell and maintenance of highly efficient low-emission gas turbine units 6FA 77 MW in the territory of Russia and the CIS countries. The output at the initial stage will be 14 units a year.

The order of “Rosneft” JSC on supply of five GT Sets for CHP station of East Petrochemical Company became the first for the new plant. Release of the First unit Is planned for the Third Quarter 2014. The President of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin and chairman and chief executive of General Electric Jeff Immelt have signed long-term service contract according to which GE will be responsible for the technical support and a full maintenance of turbines. The total amount of the order of "Rosneft" will be about 300 million euros.

- The medium power turbine is that missing link for our power industry that is extremely necessary now, - said Igor Sechin who was present at the ceremony of laying of a stone. - We have no turbine 40 to 120 MW that would produce energy with high ecological parameters and high parameters of economic efficiency. Use of the equipment of such class will allow to spend 240 grams of fuel for the production of one kilowatt. It is considerable economy. Today turbines in Russia working according to 300 grams for 1 kilowatt.

In the words of Igor Sechin, there are about 110 grounds where it is possible to establish such Gas Turbine units in Russia.

- I think that the Top market share will belong to this plant, - said the head of "Rosneft".

According to the mayor of Rybinsk Yury Lastochkin, there is a design of roads, leading-in of gas, water, the electric power to the industrial site. The area of an industrial zone is two hundred hectares.

- GE is the first resident of East industrial area of the town. Soon there will be one more project, maybe, not of such scale and a sort, but also significant for Yaroslavl region, - Yury Lastochkin has reported. - I think that one and a half or two tens Russian and foreign residents will appear here. So East industrial area is an industrial future of the town.

By the way

“Russian Gas Turbines” LLC is created as a joint venture of General Electric corporation, Inter RAO UES JSC and Russian Technologies (United Engine Corporation JSC) state corporation. Last year at the X international investment forum "Sochi-2011" these companies have signed the tripartite agreement providing construction of the plant.

Source:  Rossiyskaya Gazeta

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