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Two GT 6F.03 (6FA) for power supply of Rosneft oil fields

During the SPIEF-2013 "Rosneft" and the Russian Gas Turbines signed a contract for the supply of two high-performance gas turbines 6FA series 3 with low emissions for the largest Rosneft project realized on Vankor oil fields.

The fact that 6FA gas turbines with highly robust and reliable construction can tolerate harsh conditions explains the choice of this GT for power supply of Lodochny, Suzunsky, and Tagulsky fields of Rosneft (north of Krasnoyarsky Krai), where the first units assembled at the plant will be delivered. The turbines will become one of field sustaining elements: installed electrical power of the Polyarnaya CHP will be 150 MW, which is enough to supply several cities, such as Rybinsk, with electric power. All equipment was tested at the plant and shipped in the third and fourth quarters 2015.