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NPO ELSIB gas turbine generators


At the end of 2015, "Russian gas turbines" LLC and NPO "ELSIB" JSC signed an agreement for supply of eight TF-90G-2U3 turbine-generator units for gas turbines. "Russian gas turbines" LLC is a joint venture of GE, the "Inter RAO" group and "United engine Corporation" JSC (UEC, part of Rostec state Corporation) in Rybinsk, a city in the Yaroslavl Region, to produce, sell and service 6FA type (6F.03) gas turbines with a capacity of 77 MW.

Before signing the agreement for supply of eight turbine-generator units, the customer carried out an extensive work on the assessment of technological capabilities and engineering competencies of NPO "ELSIB". To this end, specialists from "Russian Gas Turbines" LLC and GE representatives visited the supplier’s site several times. Later, in January 2016, NPO "Elsib" specialists visited GE Company (USA) to discuss technical solutions applied in the design of turbine generator TF-90G-2U3.

Currently, in accordance with the schedule, NPO "ELSIB" is completing the designing process and preparing for manufacturing of turbine key components – stator casing assembly and rotor shaft machining.

In November 2015, "Russian Gas Turbines" LLC won the competition held by "Inter Rao-Engineering" for the supply of eight 6FA gas turbine units (which will operate with TF-90G-2U3 generators) for "Kaliningrad Generation" LLC. This large-scale project includes construction of 440 MW thermal power plant in Kaliningrad, two gas turbines of 160 MW for Sovetsk and two gas turbines of 160 MW for Gusev, Kaliningrad region.